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Why not let players who leave early for the pros return to college and play when their careers are over?

February 20, 2010

By Ed Cohen Imagine if instead of playing two forgettable seasons for the Washington Wizards, Michael Jordan had come out of retirement and gone back to…North Carolina. As in the University of. And that he played basketball for his alma mater again at age 39. Why not? Well, assuming he would have even wanted to, […]

‘NBA Cares’ commercial’s sentiment is nice but nonsense

February 19, 2010

By Ed Cohen Have you seen the “NBA Cares” commercial in which children and NBA stars solemnly declare that basketball is more than a game, that it’s filled with lessons for life? The message is that virtues like discipline, teamwork and hard work help you succeed not only on the court but in life. Fair […]

Make NBA All-Star Game a pickup game

February 9, 2009

NBA should go to a pickup format at the all-star game. Poll: which player would be chosen last?