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If the bank shot is dead, the bank pass has yet to be born

January 31, 2010

By Ed Cohen In basketball you see the bounce pace and chest pass and variations on each, like the lob, the hand-off and the alley-oop. There’s one pass, however, you almost never see, even though it’s legal and could be a potent weapon: The bank pass. A pass intentionally banked off the backboard. A basketball […]

Why not gender-blind golf tournaments?

January 30, 2010

Can anyone tell me why the best women golfers cannot compete against the best men? “Because they’re weaker, on average, than men,” sings the Conventional Wisdom Chorus. “Men can drive the ball farther, and that’s a big advantage on long holes and long courses, which are generally the rule on the PGA tour.” The Chorus […]